Dientes Circuit trip report

Sebastian Irazuzta via email:

… In 2010 I was inspired by the trek you have posted on Navarino Island in the South of Chile. After some research my wife and I decided to take our Canadian winter vacation to Southern Chile and Argentina and see the wilderness of Navarino Island for ourselves. I have posted a short description along with some photos and videos of this trip on Everytrail. …

That’s an interactive map. Click on the image to see it.

I should mention that the weather was sometimes amazingly harsh.

Despite this, I think it was one of the nicest wilderness treks I have
done. I think you may find this post interesting in that I have
uploaded my GPS tracks for the entire trail. This is something I wish
I had had when I was on the trail myself as some sections were
difficult to navigate by map alone due to bad weather.

Thanks Sebastian!

Check out Dientes information page.

1 thought on “Dientes Circuit trip report

  1. Since this trek in Southern Chile, I have been learning much more about my GPS. I found some excellent free maps that can be uploaded to most GSP devices at OpenSteetMap.org. From their wiki link you can find maps from around the world with trails accurately mapped in. You can also participate by adding your gps tracks for new hiking trails thus contributing to this public map source. For the Dientes trek in Chile you will find the circuit trail plus the extension trail to Lake Windhound, which adds another 3 or 4 days to your trek.

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