lost on Mt Benson, BC

trip report by site editor Rick McCharles

The top of Mt. Benson (1019 Mtrs) in Nanaimo gives great views of the Straight of Georgia, the Coast Mountains and the surrounding mountains behind Mt. Benson. There are many routes up Mt. Benson …

Trail Peak

On a sunny February day I decided to trail run Benson, my first time up the super popular peak.

Since there was no tourist information office en route to one of the trailheads, Westwood Lake, I reckoned I’d wing it.

A hike this popular must have good trail signage.

… Right?

If there is, I never found it.

At full jog I plunged into one of the many trails leading UP.

Turns out that mountain is covered with mountain biking trails.

It’s amazing to me how much work kids are willing to put into these illegal courses.

Those trails all looped or dead ended. I was eventually forced back to the lake. And finished the pretty circuit.

more photos

I’ll be a little more careful with the trip-planning next time I try Benson. 🙂

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