Costa Rica – coastal trail

By Shawn Larkin

Whales, dolphins, myriad jungle flora and even yachts may be spotted on the six-hour coastal hike from Drake Bay to Corcovado National Park on the Osa Peninsula.

… The views, too, are wild – unbroken, endless, to-the-horizon wild, an infinity of greens and blues painted with streaks of copper, beige or bronze sands. The sunsets here often suffuse the air all around with a golden glow that many people describe as unique to the area. Repetitive cloud formations over the 700-meter Agujas Peak often shine with double rainbows over the rain forest. Look the other way and you will see the sun setting into the fiery Pacific around distant Caño Island, with the clouds above lit with more colors than the rainbows.

Gazing at the sea from this trail, you are likely to see a humpback whale or two, or more. Groups of spotted dolphins hunt daily along this coast, often only meters off the rocks and beaches. Pseudorcas and orcas also cruise the rocky points, hunting big roosterfish. …

Tico Times – Hiking Costa Rica’s wildest coastal trail

Great LINKS from that article for anyone wanting to organize the trip for themselves.

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