Shing Mun Reservoir hike, Hong Kong

trip report by site editor Rick McCharles

On advice of the The Inside Guide to Hikes and Walks in Hong Kong booklet distributed free by Hong Kong Tourism, I set off for what they call “Shing Mun Reservoir” (11km) in the New Territories.

It’s easy to get to the trailhead by public transit — except on Sunday afternoons in November when the bus is PACKED. Huge groups were organizing barbecue parties in Shek O Country Park.

I checked in first at the small Tai Mo Shan Country Park Visitor Centre and was greeted by these local critters …

That’s a Barking Deer. Weird.

It’s an easy up from the Visitor Centre on well marked and maintained trails.

But at one point, the trail became a paved road. Not awesome. I opted to detour instead under the peak passing the Youth Hostel. This turned out to be the right decision.

Since I never got to the top of the mountain, I left a Summit Stone in this outcropping, my lunch stop.

Here are my favourite cookies. Buy them.

Once past the hostel, I saw only these two other hikers the rest of the day.

I was off-trail of course, yet some kind of path was flagged all the way down.

It led me to a Chinese graveyard.

Many memorials had tables and stools to welcome visits from surviving family and friends.

Eventually I found my way to a bus stop. And back to the subway. It’s not all that easy to get “lost” in Hong Kong, one of the advantages of an urban hike.

Great adventure. … On my advice another couple from the hostel tried the same thing — and also had FUN times inventing their own route down the mountain.

See more photos from my day hike.


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