Waterton Triple Crown 56.2km, 16.5hr

Jill sent me a link to a site I did not know, the Experience Waterton! blog. (I’m now subscribed.)

As I’m thinking of heading down to Waterton this weekend, I was super excited to read this amazing trip report:

… On August 22nd, Shawn Elford and 2 of his friends completed the impressive and noteworthy task of hiking the entirety of the Triple Crown in one whole day! Starting at Crypt Lake, moving on to Akamina Ridge and finishing at Alderson-Carthew

Note the link to the Triple Crown in the right hand navigation. They are a sponsor of the Best Hike blog.

6am – Crypt:

Akamina Ridge:

6pm – starting Carthew-Alderson:

Completing Triple Crown in Under 24 Hours Straight!

They recommend climbing up to the ridge from Forum Lake, descending via Bennett Pass.

One Reply to “Waterton Triple Crown 56.2km, 16.5hr”

  1. I was initially confused by this post’s reference to the triple crown. As you know, the triple crown generally refers to America’s premier long-distance hiking trails–the A.T., the PCT, and the CDT.

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