Suicide Rock, Idyllwild CA

trip report by site editor Rick McCharles

In lovely Idyllwild, California, I inquired at the Ranger Station for the best hike in the area.

They recommended Suicide Rock, Deer Springs Trailhead … just a mile away.

6.5 miles round trip
2000 ft elevation gain

Lovely. A relatively easy day hike.

I did see one snake of indeterminate make and model. (A hiker told me that he had seen a Rattler about a year earlier on this same trail.)

more photos

Check Local Hikes for more information.

You can continue to the summit of San Jacinto Peak from that same trailhead.

What is this, by the way?

6 Replies to “Suicide Rock, Idyllwild CA”

  1. Hi! I hike up here all the time as a local. Next time, try Devil’s Slide trail – my personal favorite and the “gateway” trail to oodles of more exploring from up at the saddle junction. That there lovely red flower is called a Snow Plant. I’m sorry I do not know the latin name ;)). Happy trails! Gina

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