Triple Crown of Waterton, Akamina

by site editor Rick McCharles

Day 2 of my last ditch attempt to complete the Triple Crown of hikes in Waterton National Park.

(If you missed it, click back to Day 1.)

I’d have to complete Akamina Ridge first, then go back to finish Alderson-Carthew:

Akamina Ridge is a round trip hike of about 20km and the maximum elevation is 8600ft. A lollypop loop trail.

Your journey starts at the Akamina Pass trailhead about 1km from Cameron Lake along the Akamina Parkway. The trail starts out on a gentle slope. About 2km in you enter Akamina-Kishinena Provincial Park, shortly after this point and once you have taken the necessary pictures at the “Welcome to BC” sign …

Akamina Ridge hike, Waterton

… you will have the options to go to either Forum Lake or Wall Lake to continue your hike. The Ridge is accessible from both but the difficulty upwards vary. This is where the trail really begins. The choice varies from the constant but relatively steady uphill trail to and from Forum Lake or the gentle long trail to Wall lake and then the sudden steep rise all the way up to the trail. …

To save time I tented on the trail.

Akamina Ridge hike, Waterton

Like most other hikers, I chose to climb up the Forum Lake trail to access the ridge, descending to Wall Lake. That’s safer I was advised at the Park information centre.

Here’s Forum.

Akamina Ridge hike, Waterton

The ridge was signed. No problem.

… until I got to the final scree approach. The trail was covered with wind swept snow. I literally had no idea how to get on top of the ridge, having never done this hike before.


Instead I made a frantic scramble back down the mountain to Wall Lake, thinking I would reverse direction, if possible.

That turned out to be a mistake. Time consuming and somewhat dangerous.

I was quite relieved to get to the bottom without injury.

Akamina Ridge hike, Waterton

And I’d run out of time.

I dropped a Summit Stone at this cairne, far side of the lake.

Akamina Ridge hike, Waterton

And turned back.

My Triple Crown attempt for 2010 was over.

Akamina Ridge hike, Waterton

Too bad.

Next year.

One Reply to “Triple Crown of Waterton, Akamina”

  1. Sorry my friend! No worries, trust me, it isn’t going anywhere 🙂
    Off to US National Champs next week. Our first time in the ‘masters’ division. I guess that was one good thing about turning 40 yrs…
    Looking forward to catching up again soon and swapping adventures.

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