11 outdoor iPhone apps

… Tune in to bird songs by training yourself with this free app. Select your region to see the birds that are commonly heard there. You can sort the birds by name, how commonly they are seen, or their song style and listen to each bird’s unique tweets. The app also provides a picture of each bird to make spotting nearby tweeters easier.

Mashable – 12 iPhone Apps For Exploring the Great Outdoors

One Reply to “11 outdoor iPhone apps”

  1. There’s also some great outdoor apps for phones running Android. We’ve reviewed four of them:
    Google Sky Map which names stars when you point your phone at the night sky,
    Peak.ar which displays names and heights of peaks when you point your phone at mountain ranges,
    Kinomap which geotags your video recordings and
    myTracks which can be used to add your run, hike etc. onto Google maps and also provides statistics of your journey.

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