trekking the Tour de Mont Blanc

Another great Photodiary of a Nomad trip report from June 2010:

… A 170 km circumnavigation of the highest mountain in the European Alps, it is truly one of the classic treks, not only for its splendid scenery and demanding geography, but for its history.

For thousands of years, people have been passing through this region for trade or conquest, Celts, Romans and others. The common historic and franco-provencal linguistic origins of the region and its people are implanted in the valleys of Savoie, Valdôtain and Valais, coloured by their relatively recent associations with France, Italy and Switzerland, respectively – three countries, but one overarching culture. …

There’s a LOT of snow this early in the summer. The photos look very dramatic, the trail much less crowded than it will be later in the season.

But, of course, it was wildflower season:

read it all – Tour de Mont Blanc

And check our besthike information page on the TMB

7 Replies to “trekking the Tour de Mont Blanc”

  1. Fabulous route.; one of best in world. Insane views. 3 countries. Outstanding food. Weather can be marginal if you’re used to the West.

    I did the running race, which is the same route done sort of in one day (more like 1.5), so I missed some views and the great hut food. And had to abandon plans to climb the Mt because couldn’t walk for 5 days after.

  2. It is truly a dramatic scenic view. And I am just curious what camera do you use? If you can tell because I like the clear shots and it just captures perfectly. I might as well purchase one for my hiking adventure.

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