Boy Scout Tree Trail, California

trip report by besthike editor Rick McCharles

One thing I love about Tom Stienstra‘s Moon Hiking California guidebook is his list of “best ____ hikes”.

Why doesn’t every hiking guidebook have a list of best hikes?

I wanted a recommendation for a giant Redwood hike and was impressed to find that Tom picked the Boy Scout Tree Trail over the more famous Stout Grove Trail, next door.

hiking Boy Scout Tree Trail, California

Tom Stienstra:

“This is the kind of place where a nature lover can find religion; where the beauty is pure and untouched. The trail is a soft dirt path — often sprinkled with redwood needles — that allows hikers to penetrate deep into an old-grouth redwood forest, complete with a giant fern understory and high-limbed canopy.”

hiking Boy Scout Tree Trail, California

“… The trail feels wonderfully remote and is one of the most pristine old-growth trails in existence. There are only about three other trails in the world where you can walk through old-growth redwoods for five miles or more without hearing traffic noise or seeing any sign of development. …”

Redwood Hikes

hiking Boy Scout Tree Trail, California

hiking Boy Scout Tree Trail, California

I was happy to meet a father and his young daughter who were on a “big tree” hiking holiday from Washington State. Dad told me that Boy Scout would be their toughest hike, so they did it first.

Here’s the Boy Scout Tree … too huge to capture in a photo.

hiking Boy Scout Tree Trail, California

My best photos, so far this trip, I reckon. Click through to see the rest.

6 Replies to “Boy Scout Tree Trail, California”

  1. The pics are so sharp!! Many blogs have grainy images but yours look amazing. I love hiking in the trees and seeing what lives underneath.

  2. Nice photo of the Ganoderma fungi. Similar to one in a tiny pic on my redwood page. Pretty sure I photographed the same burl and ferns a couple of years ago, on the left side hiking in.

    Boyscout Tree Trail is what I would call a moderate hike. One advantage of the trail, is that folks can hike half way in if they want to, and still see giant coast redwoods. Its right up there with James Irvine Trail in Prairie Creek, or Brown Creek Trail.

    MDV ~ Oregon

      1. Always looking for more to add. There is so much to see in the redwoods. Something new stands out every visit. Just went down to Prairie Creek last week. Jedediah Smith hopefully next time down. Still curious to see the new upper trail to Tall Trees Grove too. Cheers ~ MDV

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