Pembrokeshire – best coastal walkway UK

Thanks to Daniel of for sending us the news.

Readers of Coast (magazine) voted the 186-mile route in west Wales, which is celebrating its 40th year, as their favourite long-distance path.

The walk is almost entirely inside the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, and was the first National Trail in Wales. …

Mr Mathieson said the authority was working to ensure the path was accessible to everyone. More than 100,000 people use the Coast Path each year. …

The Pembrokeshire Coast Path is one of 16 National Trails in England and Wales. It beat off competition at the award ceremony from the South West Coast Path, in Somerset and Dorset, and Fife Coast Path, on the east coast of Scotland, which were also shortlisted by readers.

BBC – Pembrokeshire voted top UK coastal path Copyright Paul Allison and licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons.

… now, I must get to work on a list of the top 10 coastal hikes worldwide …

5 Replies to “Pembrokeshire – best coastal walkway UK”

  1. The South Coast Track is great, but not sure if that means it makes my top ten list. It’s too annoying:

    Abel Tasman Track just across the sea in NZ is an easy top ten. There’s routes on the Big Sur coast and WA State coast that are nice. West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island would be top five. It’s possible some of the best beach hikes in the world are unnamed routes along long stretches of beautiful sand, such as Playa del Carmen to Tulum.

  2. I like Buzz’s Abel Tasman Track suggestion. It is very well-known and busy, but fgr good reason. And it’s very well supplied with infrastructure – transport to and from, accommodation, camp sites etc.

    Will try to think of other options…um….? There’s a new one in Victoria, Australia, just opened, roughly following the Great Ocean Rd that sounds good. Anyone done it?


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