World’s Best Trekking Destinations

Kudos to Open Travel for posting an excellent and original list.

Pack your pack. Here are some excellent options:

1. Colombia. The Andes.
2. Tajikistan. The Pamir.
3. The USA. California.
4. Argentina and Chile. Patagonia.
5. Iceland.
6. Slovakia. The Tatras.
7. Kazakhstan.
8. The USA. Alaska.

I’ve always been intrigued by this spot, in particular.

… The travelers are still rare in Kazakhstan, so the vastness of its highlands is literally all for those who decide to venture into this remote state in Central Asia. This huge country, the ninth largest in the world, contains two grand ranges: the Tian Shan and the Altai Mountains, where Russia, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan come together. The beauty, remoteness and wilderness of the country go beyond imagination. Although the mountain areas cover around 10% of the Kazakhstan’s territory, their untouched and breathtaking landscapes make it one of the world’s most rewarding trekking and hiking destinations. …

read more, enjoy more great photos – Open Travel – World’s Best Trekking and Hiking Destinations

I once met a woman from Kazakhstan. She warned me that I’d be robbed or kidnapped should I trek independently in her beautiful country.

8 Replies to “World’s Best Trekking Destinations”

  1. Agree with above Comment. I’m a very adventurous person, yet some of the countries on that list wouldn’t make my top 100. It’s possible whoever made that list has never actually been to those places; otherwise they’d know better.

    I’ve barely escaped with my life from an angry mob, and heard bullets whizzing past my head during an army crack-down in another country … and it’s really not fun. Big, remote, wide open mountains are one and only one component of a good trek … not being robbed at gunpoint (that would have been 6 years ago) is much much more important.

  2. What about Nepal, home to Mount Everest the top of the world. Perhaps the blogger
    haven’t been to those parts.

  3. Namaste Everyone!
    “Sikkim” is one of the best destination for trekking and tour.
    The sacred mountains lies here and the thrid highest peak” mt. khanchendzonga” is the main attraction here.
    Visit website for trekking and tour details in sikkim”” or see more photos in the facebook page called” Hiddenparadise Adventure Tours”

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