7 crazy, scary, dizzying hikes (VIDEOS)

Rosemary Kitchen on Gadling linked to 8 videos from 7 hikes.


I link to this one, the top of name, because a couple of days before I climbed up there, a Russian hiker was killed by lightning. On this exact spot! Now that’s scary.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Others on the list: Spain’s El Caminito del Rey (“The King’s Little Pathway”), Mount Hua in China, Tennessee’s Mount LeConte, Angel’s Landing in Utah, and Philippines’ Mount Pinatubo.

Click through to see them – Gadling – 7 of the craziest, most dangerous, most dizzying hikes in the world (VIDEOS)

(via The Adventure Blog)

2 Replies to “7 crazy, scary, dizzying hikes (VIDEOS)”

  1. That’s an utterly lame video. The guy is standing on top with his girlfriend, talking aimlessly into the camera. And someone didn’t even spell “Huayna Picchu” correctly! One should also point out that standing in an Iowa cornfield is more dangerous in terms of lightning than hiking anywhere in Peru.

    I once held the FKT (Fastest Known Time) on Huayna; :51 from gate to summit and back. It’s an incredible little mountain, far more interesting than Maccu Picchu, with dozens of remarkable sites to be discovered.

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