You can tell we are SERIOUS from the all caps typeface.

Kelly Bastone in Backpacker posted this list in 2008:

From a slippery Sierra catwalk to a treacherous Hawaiian paradise, we name the country’s 10 most hazardous hikes. Then we break down the dangers and provide local beta for conquering each route.

The Maze, UT

Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon, AZ

Barr Trail, Pikes Peak, CO

Mt. Washington, NH

Muir Snowfield, Mt. Rainier, WA

Huckleberry Mtn., Apgar Range, MT

Kalalau Trail, Kauai, HI

Buckskin Gulch, UT

Abrams Falls, Great Smoky Mtns., TN

Mist Trail, Half Dome, CA

click through for details on each – Backpacker

Buckskin Gulch

Flash flood is a greater worry to me than getting lost or being avalanched. Recall April 2008 when 7 of 12 “canyoneers”, most students, were killed in a flash flood in New Zealand.


  1. I lost my video of a mountain trail that was very old and very tracherous. It was built by Indians a long time ago on sheer face cliffs and a lot of ti is crumbling and falling away. Don’t remeber the name of it but it was supposed to lead up to a site of worship.
    Can anyone help me?

  2. you did not mention were you were hiking but I think the Ledge Trail from yosemite valley to glacier point would sure be a candidate it was closed in the 50-60 becuse of fatalities the old rule we used was up ledge down 4 mile never down ledge

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