hiking the mountains of Iran

When flying over the country recently I studied for almost an hour the impressive mountains of Iran. Big and mostly empty of people.

Alborz Mountain Range, Caspian Sea

That image by Views of the Earth is posted on an excellent website called Iran Nature.

All useful information you need to visit Iran natural and historical attractions and landscapes. Hiking & trekking Iran nature and ecosystem, Iran mountain, valley, and cave, Iran forest and garden, Iran plain and desert, Iran lake, river, spring, and waterfall, Iran protected and wildlife zone, Iran island.

The most popular adventure in Iran is climbing Mount Damavand, the highest peak 5671m (18,605ft). It’s near Tehran.

Personally I’m more interested in hiking opportunities. But I cannot find much information on the web. Leave a comment if you have any advice about trekking in Iran.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has many problems these days. Too many problems to think much about the 3 American hikers who entered Iran illegally, accidentally, from Iraq.

He did say that he hopes the punishment dealt out by the Iranian judge is not too severe.

5 Replies to “hiking the mountains of Iran”

  1. Hi dear writer.
    I’m Iranian and I’m going to start hiking .
    Thanks for your guids.
    I suggest you to search about “Kermanshah” &”Lorestan ” mountains , “Persian Gulf” , ” Kavir e Loot ” , “Masooleh” village , …..
    It’ll help you so much.
    ( Dear writer pls dont judge about Iran society and it’s politics so soon ……..)

  2. im so happy to see people are interesting seeing Iran and its adventure .
    i highly recommend for the fans of hiking to see Aamut valley(valley of assassins) and its beauty .
    we would be more than happy help everyone in this adventure.
    Taste Iran with Locals !

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