Hank, you’re our Moses …

This is the second essay of a two-part series about escaping a flash flood while hiking through Buckskin Gulch … Start with the first essay to read the whole story.


In part 1, Hank Leukart and party were forced to tent up high when caught by a flash flood in the longest slot canyon in the world.

What to do next … ??

… Finally, uncertainly and silence makes the decision for us, as the sun rises and begins to bake us. We reluctantly climb out of the canyon and begin making our way across the trail-less Utah backcountry, in 91-degree heat. We don’t know exactly where we’re going, which, for me, I admit, is my favorite kind of adventure. I use the topographical maps in my GPS device to find our way around The Dive, a stretch of severe, orange and red sandstone cliffs, blocking our route to the closest trailhead. Everyone in the group complains about the sizzling weather, but as I trudge along, I’m find myself enjoying the adventure and extraordinary views of the Utah desert.

Hank, you’re our Moses,” Suzanne remarks as she watches me lead the caravan across the scorching sand.

I also pray that I’m not like Moses, because, after all, in Exodus, Moses dies before reaching Israel. I hope to stay alive all the way to the White House Trailhead. …


click through to read the END of this tale – Without Baggageflat stanley survives the utah desert and learns navajo

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