Mt Blanc to Matterhorn – day 5

Hiking trip report by site editor Rick McCharles. Day 5 of 7.

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From my ideal tent site it was a pleasant wander down into the valley of Lac de Moiry.


At the same time, an American couple hiking the Haute Route were descending from their night at this interesting farm refuge.


We crossed the Lac de Moiry dam at about the same time.


And met up at the bus stop on the other side.

We decided to cheat (again) by skipping the next pass, and bus instead to Zinal. It was an “easy” pass but I was turned off when I saw a car joy riding the switchbacks up that slope. I’ve no desire to hike where there are roads.


If you ask hikers what impressions they remember of the Alps, early in the conversation they’ll mention the cows and their loud cowbells.


Everybody loves them. I never got tired of them.

Famed Hotel Weisshorn disappointed.

Hotel Weisshorn

The area around the hotel was under some serious construction. I’m happy I didn’t stay there. The American couple walked on to Bella Tolla cabin.

I walked from the Hotel to the next high pass. It was easy and interesting, though the typical afternoon rain began again.


Another superb hiking day.

I had supper on the other side sitting out of the rain near a giant teepee. (Europeans love North American Indian culture.) Then chased some deer away from a spot they liked to sleep upon in the trees and set up my tent.

About 4AM one of the deer was barking up a storm. Perhaps barking at my tent.

See the rest of my photos from day 5.

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