3 Replies to “hiking cartoons …”

  1. My cupboards are full of camping gear that I’m not certain I’ll ever use and half-empty gas canisters, I have guidebooks I bought because I might one day I might go there. Some of the guidebooks I’ve bought two editions and still haven’t done the walk. I can and do talk at length about the merits of places I haven’t been. Yes, I think I need hikerholics anonymous but I’m too busy planning trips.

  2. hahaa! I’ve been wearing technical apparel (like my North Face Horizon Utility Pants/Capris) to BBQs this summer… it justifies my purchase of multiple pairs! 😉

  3. The entry way to my apartment is always covered with camping gear I either just unloaded from a past trek or preparing to pack for the next trek. Sometimes there’s a few weeks between the two, but the stuff never seems out of place.

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