sleep cheap – The Tent – Munich

This place is ideal for European hikers in transit who have the gear and experience to sleep on the ground, outside.

The hostels and low cost hotels in Munich are often full. As an overflow, you can always stay at “The Tent”, a non-profit organization.

It’s a campground. A big tent full of bunkbeds.


Or a big tent where you can sleep on the Floor.


Cost in 2009 depending on which you choose varies from 7.50 – 11 Euro / person. Even less if you put 2 or more people in your own tent.

See more photos. The many services offered.

official website

read some reviews

They have a tent in Berlin, Germany, as well. A real party “scene” at both places.

I’ve always felt there’s a market for low cost accommodation. You could make money offering cheap sleeps in many parts of the world where hostels are over-priced.

2 Replies to “sleep cheap – The Tent – Munich”

  1. i was there few times. Low cost, atmospher, camp fire, cheap bear were great, nature were amazing. I love this place, i will stay again…

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