besthike blog awarded … some kind of award

by site editor Rick McCharles

Should I feel honoured?

TB_walking_FWe’ve been selected for a Tripbase award for …

… providing one of the best Walking/Backpacking-related blogs out there. …

We feel your blog is an excellent example of what a blog should be and trust that you feel proud in this respect. We congratulate you on your achievement and are providing you with a badge to display proudly at your own discretion on your blog as a sign that you are in the top echelons of the blogosphere. …

We were selected in a 10-way-tie for 11th place. (Not exactly the top of the podium.)

Still, there are some excellent hiking blogs on the list including:


Unfortunately, Tripbase has combined hiking blogs with backpacking blogs. This award winner: Students in Europe truly has nothing to do with what Tom Mangan writes about, hiking.

I won’t get too excited about my 11th place (tie) ranking until Tripbase separates hiking from backpacking.

I’ll exercise discretion.

2 Replies to “besthike blog awarded … some kind of award”

  1. Rick, there are definitely some great blogs on the list. But as #2 Tom Mangan said, there are some very good blogs not on the list.

    Anyway, I’m honored to be in a ten-way tie with you for eleventh place!

  2. I sent this feedback to Katie Sorene at Tripbase:

    “I appreciate the time spent looking at and ranking the world wide web.

    But I’d rather not post the badge.

    The category as you’ve devised it makes no sense. You are comparing apples and oranges. Hiking and backpacking are not the same thing.

    My attempt-to-be-funny take on it:

    I recommend you separate the two categories.

    THANKS again,


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