Hiking Information Online

Hiking Information Online is a website I just stumbled upon.

It looks somewhat similar in mission to our site, besthike.com.

Hiking and trekking information online is designed to provide information for hikers about some of the worlds best hikes. You will find hiking and trekking information catering for both hiking beginners and serious hikers alike. These hikes can range from easy short hikes carrying a day pack up to hikes that can last for sixteen days carrying everything that you need.

We will provide all the information that you need to plan your hikes all in one convenient location. There are also links to online hiking stores to fully outfit yourself with all of the hiking gear that you will need to complete your hike. …


home page – Hiking Information Online

My first impression was, “This is lame.”

But upon actually clicking through to some of the hike pages, for example: Hiking the Tongariro Northern Circuit, I was impressed with the accuracy of the content.

Not bad.

It’s clear to me the editor has not actually hiked these trips, but rather does research from afar. I was tipped off by this photo on their West Coast Trail page, clearly taken nowhere near the WCT.

NOT the West Coast Trail
NOT the West Coast Trail

The site has potential. I’ll definitely be tracking it as they add new hikes. Obviously they need to start linking to additional information on each hike page.

4 Replies to “Hiking Information Online”

  1. The accuracy may be more related to having taken the information from park services, for example http://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/tracks-and-walks/tongariro-taupo/turangi-taupo-area/tongariro-northern-circuit/track-description/ . Basically this looks like a way of making money. Grab some publicly available information, add some pictures from anyone who made theirs copyright free on flickr and fill the page with google adverts. Don’t give them a link, it just encourages them.

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