farewell M.V. Lady Rose

I recently learned that the M.V. Lady Rose, a heritage vessel, carrying hikers to and from Port Alberni, B.C. is history.

What a shame.

Many’s the West Coast Trail hiker that has enjoyed that rustic ferry Bamfield – Port Alberni.

photo by c0lin_bates
photo by c0lin_bates

The M.V. Lady Rose, originally christened “Lady Sylvia” at her 1937 launching, was built by A & J Inglis Limited of Pointhouse Shipyard in Glasgow, Scotland, and was designed by W.D. McLaren of Vancouver. …

Designed for the sheltered coastal waters of British Columbia, this stocky little vessel soon proved capable of much more, becoming the first diesel powered vessel to cross the Atlantic driven by a single propeller. …

The official Lady Rose Marine Services website does not mention that it’s gone.

Sister ship Frances Barkley continues carrying cargo, mail and up to 100 passengers on that route.

11 Replies to “farewell M.V. Lady Rose”

  1. Hey Rickmc,
    Don’t worry too much, it is only moving to Tofino, to enjoy her retirment as a floating restaurant at Jamie’s Whaling Station. She will be returned to her glory and in place by 2012

  2. Wow, this is a disappointment, bigtime.

    I’m sure the boat will still be loved when it sits tied up in Tofino, but I was just shocked to learn it will never ply the inlet again.

    I’ve used it several times returning from the WCT over the past 25 or so years and was in the process of showing my wife the Ladr Rose here on the web.

    And yes, I too stopped in at the company site and saw no notice of its demise as an important transportation link between the trail and the outside.

    We have tentatively planned to do a return trip later this spring. While we are both excite at the prospect fo staying a short time in Bamfield it truly is the trip on the Lady we were looking forward to.

  3. The ship named “Lady Rose” hasn’t run for the past few years. The company named “Lady Rose Marine Services” in Port Alberni has only been running the MV Frances Barkley ship for the past few years.

    With the sale of the ship named “Lady Rose” to Jamie’s in Tofino, the company named “Lady Rose Marine Services” in Port Alberni has no plans to change their company name. So confusion will continue.

    So instead of saying “I’m taking the Lady Rose to Bamfield”, you can say “I’m taking Lady Rose to Bamfield”. subtle wording difference, but is significant in meaning.

  4. Hey guys, the poor old ship has rust holes in he sides you could crawl through! Don’t think anyone would want to venture out on a regular basis in it as it is. Come and see her in Tofino.

  5. The laments were over losing a valuable marine service between Bamfield and Port Alberni.

    If there are holes in the boat the size you claim then it isn’t safe as diner either it would seem.

    Regardless, it was transportation, not food, that stirred my oar.

  6. No “valuable marine service between Bamfield & Port Alberni” has been lost. The company “Lady Rose Marine” still operates their 1 remaining ship “MV Frances Barkley” on the Barkley Sound route, 3 days a week in off-season, 7 days a week in-season.
    – and the ship MV Frances Barkley carries twice the amount of freight, twice the amount of passengers and has twice the washrooms and a larger galley.
    – no loss of service to lament….other than some history & nostalgia.

  7. I went on the MV Lady Rose in 1993, we saw a lot of killer whales an Eagles! I remember the Canadians been a friendly people. we had a wonderful time, the Lady Rose is a fine lady!

  8. I go back to early 50’s when she plyed gulf islands route. Not always fondly known as Lazy Rose- depending on schedule 9 hours from Steveston to Saturna. Still,many great memories.

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