solar powered tent with WiFi

THIS is what a hiking blogger needs!


… uses solar energy to light itself up and provide WiFi access to the Internet.

The design concept uses photovoltaic fabrics to collect energy from the sun all day long, then uses that power to recharge our gadgets, which are conveniently stored in a “magnetic induction pouch”. The tent also comes equipped with a flexible LCD screen that can connect to the Internet …

Adventure Blog – High Tech Concept Tent is Solar Powered, Comes with WiFi

Sadly, it’s still in the concept stage.

I can’t buy one any time soon.

Hiking blogger Steve Howe mocks it … but wonders if he can get a prototype to test.


7 Replies to “solar powered tent with WiFi”

  1. Good looking tent. But the Wi-Fi feature would be impractical since many mobile (3G) Wi-Fi service are not popping up. Most people would use their mobile phone or mobile router.

    1. I’m pritty sure thts exactly how this tent gets its internet. Unless it uses another ISP like satellite, im pritty sure u just buy a plan for it and it connects via a 3G mobile network and creates a hotspot for any device to get on.

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