Is Half Dome in Yosemite safe?


Nohara fell to his death in 2007. Kumar fell and died in 2009.

==== original post: Half Dome is certainly one of the best hikes in the World.


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But, once again: “Rangers re-examining safety of popular hike after a fatal fall from cables during final ascent”

It was crowded on the climbing cables leading to the top of Half Dome, but Hirofumi Nohara was seemingly giddy with excitement on what could only be described as a gorgeous Saturday in Yosemite National Park.

The 37-year-old Japanese citizen was talking and laughing with his four friends as they worked their way up the nearly vertical granite slope, witnesses said.

Then he slipped.

Nohara didn’t have time to speak or even shout before he slid off the side of Half Dome to his death, becoming the third fatality within a year off the 4,800-foot granite dome. …

SF Gate – Deadly trek up Half Dome

… or is that news story wrong?

An earlier SF Gate article identifies the hiker who tumbled to his death as Manoj Kumar, a 40-year-old software engineer from San Ramon, California.

Who was it that fell? Leave a comment if you know.

Tom Mangan weighs in with his advice to hikers considering Half Dome:

1) Assess your fitness and fear-of-heights issues

2) Research your hike in-depth before you start

3) Train

4) Ask yourself ‘why’

read more on Two-Heel Drive – Is Half Dome safe? A cautious maybe

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