hike or bike length of New Zealand

Love in a Tent comments on a New Zealand government plan to draw even more outdoor enthusiasts to that fantastic country.


… New Zealand’s Prime Minister, John Key, held a “job summit” to try to find ways to save jobs during this global recession. He gathered together a bunch of business and labour leaders to see if a day of brainstorming could produce a miracle solution.

While many ideas were bounced around, one of the ones that seems to have really caught the PM’s attention is a proposal to build a cycleway the entire length of New Zealand. This would become a major tourist draw, and help to boost falling visitor numbers. It would also create jobs building the trail, which was estimated to cost around $50 million. (Sounds low to me.) …

Love in a Tent – Cycling to Save the NZ Economy?

nz-hikeLove in a Tent advises that New Zealand not neglect the Te Araroa tramping trail. That’s 3,000km of gorgeous Kiwi walking. Volunteers are hoping to officially open it in late 2010. (One reason I’m planning to tramp New Zealand in 2011.)

The Te Araroa Trust posted a response March 14th. An interesting point of view: The Pedal Corridor

Personally, I’m happy to do the best parts of both routes. Hiking. And biking.

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