World’s Best Glacier Treks

As chosen by My Several Worlds:

… Glacier treks come in a range of exciting opportunities for beginners and experienced climbers. Experienced climbers who are looking for something more challenging than a standard day hike can try an introduction to the sport of ice climbing on the ice walls of a glacier. You can even combine the thrill of a helicopter ride with the opportunity to explore a remote part of the glacier on foot. A helicopter can take you on a scenic flight over the glaciers and surrounding region, and then drop you off for some intensive hiking and climbing. If you’re looking for an unforgettable travel experience, there are few things more rewarding or satisfying than spending a full day on ice.

1. The Franz Josef and Fox Glacier in the Southern Alps of New Zealand

2. Snæfellsjökull Glacier in Iceland

3. The Icefields Parkway in Canada

4. Kennicott, Alaska’s Root Glacier

5. The Swiss Alps, Switzerland The Aletsch Glacier

6. Patagonia, Argentina and Chile The Southern Patagonian Ice Fields

7. Bolivia

8. The Peruvian Andes

9. Nepal and the Indian Himalayas

10. Bhutan.

For photos click through to My Several WorldsThe World’s Best Glacier Trekking Getaways

The Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina is the BEST I’ve visited.

larger original – flickr – Matito

<a href="">my Perito Moreno photos</a>

2 Replies to “World’s Best Glacier Treks”

  1. We hiked on the Root Glacier outside of Kennecott with St. Elias Alpine Guides and it was incredible. I thought it was better than the Franz Josef 🙂 Great list though – thanks for inspiring more glacial dreams!

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