Fitz Roy – best mountain vista anywhere

What do you think?


It’s rare to get this clear a view.

Photodiary of a Nomad had perfect timing. Lucky ducks!

From their trip report:


At 6.30am I looked outside the window of our room; snow still lay on the ground in El Chalten and the hills around, but it was glistening ….. in the sunlight. A fine sunny day is a precious object in this part of the world and there was no time to dally. We were up, showered, fed and on the track by 8am, hoping to catch our first glimpse of the mountains of Fitzroy. With the promise of fine weather, we decided to head up the lesser known track to the the Mirador de Loma de Pliegue Tumbado, with the promise of a magnificent panorama of the two icons of this area – 3120m Cerro Torre and 3405m Monte Fitzroy. …

It was cloud covered the entire time I was there.

… Almost on cue, the clouds parted to reveal one of the best alpine panoramas that we have ever seen; the incredibly sharp needle of Cerro Torre and the dark bulk of the south face of Monte Fitzroy standing guard on each side of Glacier Torre, curving down into the milky green waters of Laguna Torre.


read on – Los Glaciares – Fitzroy Treks (part 1)

Want to trek there yourself?

Check our besthike Fitz Roy information page.

All hikers who travel to Fitz Roy trek nearby Paine, as well.

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