how to hike The Wave

It’s a real pain getting a permit to hike one of the most spectacular geological features in the world.


Some go to EXTREME measures:

… seeing The Wave on a whim is not easy. To maintain the pristine sandstorm formation and prevent overcrowding, The Arizona Bureau of Land Management allows only twenty people access to The Wave per day. The Bureau allows reservations for ten of the slots four months in advance through its website, but the other ten are given out by lottery at 9:00 AM Mountain Time on the morning before the day of the hike. Since we had decided at the last minute to visit The Wave, we had no choice but to try our luck at the lottery, but we knew our long drive would not be able to get us to the Paria Ranger Station in Utah in time. To deal with this problem, we posted an ad on Craigslist before we left and hired a St. George college student to attend the lottery and obtain our permits for us. …

Hank Leukart did manage to visit The Wave on this trip. (I’m not sure exactly how.)

Read his trip report on Without Baggage for the details – The travel gods generously deliver orange, alien taffy.

We’ve linked to this trip report from the besthike Information page for The Wave.


Does getting a permit sound like too much hassle?

Hire someone to get it for you.

Ray Hendricks is an owner/operator of Just Roughin’ It Adventure Company.

They are an authorized hiking and backpacking guide service for the Grand Canyon National Park as well as the Paria Canyon/ Verimillion Cliffs Area which includes the Wave.

Their Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) numbers for the Grand Canyon are 5600-1007 for Backpacking and 5600-1006 for Day Hiking. For the Paria Canyon/ Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, our Special Recreation Permit (SRP) # is AZ-120-2008-032.

If you want a guided hike, check out

0 thoughts on “how to hike The Wave

  1. I was fortunate to visit the wave in the 1980s when Chip was the Ranger and there were no permits (or many people for that matter). I understand the need for permits but wish they were easier to get.

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