Industrial & Urban Trekking

Baytown Bert from Texas has a personal fitness blog with an interesting twist:


Industrial & Urban Trekking is using available resources to climb and hike a series of obstacles in the form of hills, bridges, stairs and ladders in the workplace and your neighborhood/city to promote good fitness and health.

He calls this “IndyTrekking“.

(It sounds a little like a hiker’s version of Parkour / Free Running.)

Beautiful cool and sunny weather beckoned me to climb the towers and reactors today. I did a level two, which entails climbing three towers/structures, walking a half mile, climbing three more structures and finishing with another half mile walk.

It felt great as I finished in fifty-five minutes and today, I feel invigorated due to yesterdays exertion. We have the same weather today, so maybe I’ll attempt a level three, which adds two more structures for a total of ten evolutions.

Knocking out a Level Two

I love it.

Industrial & Urban Trekking – blog

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