Top 15 Adventure Towns …

Yet another top ##, this one by Chris Weiss on Matador Trips.

These towns are the best in the world for adventure!

I’ve visited 8 of the … 14, actually. And bolded the best towns for hiking. AND added links to a few of our best hikes out of these destinations.

1. Valdez, Alaska

2. Vancouver, British Columbia

  • West Coast Trail
  • 3. Jackson, Wyoming

    4. Moab, UT

  • Chesler Park
  • Devil’s Garden
  • Syncline Loop
  • Upper Salt Creek
  • 5. Puerto Escondido, Mexico

    6. Turrialba, Costa Rica

    7. Arequipa, Peru

  • Misti Volcano
  • Colca Canyon
  • 8. Futaleufu, Chile

  • Torres del Paine
  • Around Monte Fitz Roy
  • 9. Grytviken, South Georgia Island

    10. Cape Town, South Africa

    11. Interlaken, Switzerland

  • TMB (Tour du Mont Blanc)
  • 12. Voss, Norway

    13. Shegar, Tibet

    14. Queenstown, New Zealand

  • Milford Track and many others …
  • details and photos – Top 15 Adventure Towns Worldwide

    I’ll move to Queenstown or Moab first. Shegar and Valdez last. Actually, Grytviken very last.

    Queenstown – original – flickr – PhillipC

    (via Bluepeak)

    0 Replies to “Top 15 Adventure Towns …”

    1. Yeah, I do remember Valdez. I’d put in in dead last as well. Pehaps mid-winter with a board under my arm it might start to look a little better…

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