hiking Grand Gulch in Utah

Legendary alpinist Greg Child is a hiker too. Guided 5 days in a raft, 5 days on foot, his trip report posted by Backpacker magazine begins like this:

It’s a sunburned September day in southeast Utah, and I’m following 10 parched hikers through a jumble of burnished boulders and sparsely spaced cottonwood trees on the floor of a sinuous canyon called Grand Gulch. Amber-tinted sunbeams filter into the 700-foot-deep chasm and light up our lanky, long-haired, bird-legged backpacking guide, Vaughn Hadenfeldt. He’s hunting for potable water, but the only pools we’ve found so far are a speckled latte brown. “A flash flood ripped through here two weeks ago,” he tells us, “and these pools still aren’t settled. If we don’t find one that is, we’ll be pickin’ grit out of our teeth all night.” …


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See more gorgeous photos of Grand Gulch posted by Jack Brauer from his 4-day hike of Grand Gulch.


more photos

We’ve added Grand Gulch to our list of the best hikes in North America.

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  1. Grand Gulch is a great backpacking area -hiked it in May 2008 from the ranger station and out Bullet Canyon. Can’t beat the archeological sites anywhere that I know of.

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