paddle hiking in Alaska

The Backcountry Blog inspires me to plan future paddle / hike adventures.

I recently did the Sanctuary River loop with my friend Sherrie. We took 3 days so we could hang out in the high country and explore. The route is from Cantwell to Denali Park, where you catch the bus back to the park entrance. It’s about equal parts hiking and floating . . . enjoy the view! …



more photos – The Sanctuary River . . . an Alaskan packraft classic!

I’d prefer an inflatable kayak over a packraft, however.

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  1. Considering the trip was equal parts floating and hiking, I highly doubt you would rather have an inflatable kayak over a packraft considering packrafts weight rougly 5 lbs while inflatable kayaks are about 30 lbs. It is not very feasible to backpack with a 30 lb kayak. The amazing thing about packrafts is that they open up so many opportunities for reaching remote waterways and combining backpackign and paddlings into one trip. Packrafts are much more stable and rapid-worthy than many people think.

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