Garmin eTrex H Handheld GPS

Fred Theilig of Rhode Hikes would not buy the minimalist Bushnell BackTrack GPS.

For only a few dollars more — $89.00 right now on Amazon — he’d recommend a Garmin eTrex. This one is waterproof. And gets up to 17hrs on 2AA batteries. Editors of Trailspotting and Take a Load Off agree.



Many are confused by GPS feature sets. (Including me.) We might want to buy a Garmin GPS Etrex Instructional Video at the same time.

4 Replies to “Garmin eTrex H Handheld GPS”

  1. Though I’d definitely recommend the eTrex over the BackTrack, I’d also recommend you consider the Garmin eTrex Venture HC.

    They’re $130 on Amazon at the moment but I’ve also seen them for sale at $110 too (try

    For the extra cash you get:
    – a MUCH better color screen
    – USB connection (simpler than serial)
    – a basemap (shows roads & major features)
    – ability to add maps (I have articles on how to download free maps, but this can get a bit tricky)

    Here’s a link to Garmin where they compare the products

    I’ll back up my recommendation later this week with a Trailspotting article to show how easy it is to use the eTrex Venture. In the interim, here’s a link to my GPS introductory article if it’s of any interest ..

  2. A good friend gave me an eTrex, and I use it extensively, never finding a good enough reason to upgrade. The only limitation I run up against is that it only has enough tracklog storage for about 22 miles of hiking, which is sometimes less than a day for me. The serial connection adds steps to interfacing with a PC, but I have the procedure down. It’s one of those rare bits of technology that just hit a sweet spot.

  3. I agree, the etrex H version is greate but Check it out here.
    Its a HXc which is a lot better.

    but if you looking for the cheaper one try etrex HX version it works great but no SD-Card slot if i’m not wrong. Here is the detail this one you will save for 60bucks compare to HXc version.

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