“extraordinary year” for Canadian Parks

Kurt Repanshek from the States reports:

… Imagine if the National Parks Conservation Association, or the Sierra Club, or The Wilderness Society reported that the U.S. government deserved credit for an “extraordinary year” in protecting the National Park System. That would be some news, wouldn’t it?

Well, that’s not the case. However, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society did have that to say about the Canadian government. In looking back over the past 12 months (from July 2007 to July 2008), CPAWS reports that “Canada’s federal and provincial governments deserve credit for ‘an extraordinary year’ of progress in protecting the country’s parks and wilderness areas.”

Why the praise? Well, there are several reasons. …

National Parks Traveler

Much more is left to preserve in Canada than the U.S.A.

I wish the B.C. and / or Canadian Government would do something to protect the coastline of Nootka Island.


Nootka Trail Hiking Adventure – Paul Talbot – Club Tread

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