Nude Mountaineering Society

In 2006 a climber disrobed on the summit of Mt. Everest. Ang Tshering, president of Nepal Mountaineering Association, was not amused.

I assume the highest nudist in history was inspired by the example of George Mallory.

Howard Somervell (left), without trousers, Arthur Wakefield (centre) without boots and George Mallory (right) naked after fording a stream en route to Everest. Mallory was known by team members to favour nude bathing!


Artist / photographer: George Finch. Date: 1922 – source

Mallory was the inspiration for the Nude Mountaineering Society. Here’s the President, the unfortunately named Hank Wangford.

Wangford in Yosemite – Strippers with altitude – Guardian

Actually, Wangford is a stage name for an English comedian and country and western songwriter. His actual name is Dr. Samuel Hutt.

(via Get Outdoors)

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