walking the Great Wall for Cancer prevention

Recall that great blog of the Aussie couple walking the Great Wall of China. One of the best hiking travelogues in recent years.

Well … Emma is going back. And this time bringing some friends:

From April 7-29 I will be joining Olivia Newton-John, Sir Cliff Richard, Dannii Minogue, singer James Reyne, actress Sigrid Thornton, dancer Paul Mercurio and dozens of other athletes, celebrities and cancer survivors such as myself to walk 228 kilometres on the Great Walk to Beijing, all of us raising money for the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne. This centre will bring under one roof a comprehensive suite of cancer services, including research programs, an innovative Wellness Centre, and facilities for acute and palliative care patients. …

Emma and Olivia Newton-John

It’s a fund-raiser.

Follow Emma’s journey on their old website: Walking the Wall


And check out the main website: The Great Walk to Beijing

2 Replies to “walking the Great Wall for Cancer prevention”

  1. I have the honour of working with Olivia Newton-John and getting to know Emma Nicholas and the all the others walkers on the Great Walk to Beijing taking place now. This Great Walk has so far been an emotional one for Emma whose dad has been battling cancer for many years. The 34 year-old herself overcame thyroid cancer at age 30.
    She is helping lead the walkers, many very unexperienced and struggling to make those seemingly endless stairs and mountains!
    Emma was so very helpful also, in advising the event team on how to prepare walkers for this huge trek – 228 kilometers in 21 days across the Great Wall of China.
    You can virtually follow their footsteps and see photos of the walkers hike, including Olivia and Emma on http://www.greatwalktobeijing.com, and sponsor their steps to help make a difference to those touched by cancer.

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