Parks Pass price hike 60% – How did that work out for them?


The demise of the beloved National Parks Pass cost the National Park Service more than $1.3 million last year, although agency officials expect revenues to rebound as folks grow accustomed to the America the Beautiful Pass.

According to Jane Moore, the Park Service’s fee program manager, 2006 sales of the $50 National Parks Pass, good for entrance into all units of the national park system, generated $22.1 million for the agency. During 2007, the first year of the $80 America the Beautiful Pass, the agency took in $20.79 million, a 6 percent dip in revenues.

Kurt Repanshek – National Parks Traveler

Who could have predicted a 60% jump would generate less income?

The full story is not in as yet, of course. I feel confident in calling the America the Beautiful Pass price a huge mistake.

I used mine recently in California. Many people were needed to check my Pass, especially the date punch, and it slowed down traffic every time I drove out of the Park. In Canada we hang our Park pass from the rear view mirror, a better system, much easier to police.

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