do you like hiking boardwalks?

I must say I do. Though not “natural”, there’s something classic about walking a rotting wooden sidewalk in the wilderness.

Frank in Oz edits the wonderful Our Hiking Blog.

A recent post included some of my photos from a 2007 Overland Track hike in Tasmania. It’s a series of photos showing the wooden boardwalks.


see more – The Overland Track – Track images

Frank’s post got me thinking about other boardwalk hikes.

The West Coast Trail, for example:

original – flickr – Christine Rondeau

On flickr, I found more. Atop Whistler Mountain in Canada:

original – flickr – sbat

And the famed Milford Track in New Zealand:

original – flickr – amy&kimball

Leave a comment if you have a favourite boardwalk walk.

7 Replies to “do you like hiking boardwalks?”

  1. The Swamp Trail located in the mountains above the famed Na Pali trail on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, HI. It has a great boardwalk for about one-third the length of the ten mile hike. It really puts a spring in your step, particularly on the downward journey.

    The following flickr link takes you to a boardwalk shot on the hike, but please excuse me for messing with the photo a little ..

  2. The Olympic Coast in Washington State has plenty of nasty boardwalk. We go in winter usually to the Ozette Loop – and the 3 miles to the Pacific Ocean can take 3 hours to walk. If they’d put chicken wire on the boards it would be heaven, but no, they are wet, frozen and slime covered in moss. Falling WILL happen, you just hope it isn’t bad. Last year I had my leg go through a rotten board and I fell flat on my face, I was lucky to not have snapped my bone.
    The worst is where the put in sections of fake board. The moss still grows on it!
    In summer it isn’t bad, but sigh, who wants to go there with the throngs?

  3. Hi Sarah,
    We did a lot of walking on lightly snow covered boards that had chicken wire on them in July last year in Tasmania and I can assure you it did not stop us slipping one bit. I think I fell over 5 times and had many “slips”. Even with walking poles it was treacherous. Would not be happy falling through the boards!

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