#1 best hiking region in the world is …

New Zealand

There’s no debate.

The Land of the Long White Cloud Aotearoa is by far the single best hiking destination on Earth.

North Island? South Island? Both are great. And both much different.

The most compelling evidence that New Zealand has EVERYTHING a hiker could want is with photos:

Taraurua Ranges

Ohau River

Bealey Spur, Arthurs' Pass

New Zealand is insanely great for hikers. It’s safe. It’s clean. Trails are not crowded. It’s terrific for kids.

There’s no risk of altitude sickness as the glaciated peaks are at low elevation.

Best months are mid-November through mid-April for most treks.

More information on our New Zealand information page.

Our favourite tramp in New Zealand is the volcanic Tongariro Circuit. You’ll feel like you’ve entered Mordor in Lord of the Rings.

See our Tongariro Circuit Information page.

Start planning your New Zealand hiking vacation right now.

3 Replies to “#1 best hiking region in the world is …”

  1. Hooray for New Zealand!
    And if you needed more reasons to hike here – remember that there are no bears, no snakes, so scorpions… actually the biggest risk from the local wildlife is sandfly bites, or having a bird poo on your head.
    As for me, I’ll be making my way around the South Island for six glorious weeks in February and March. Can’t wait!

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