#3 best hiking region in the world is the …


Spectacular vistas, frequent wildlife encounters, the best wild flowers we’ve ever seen. Hot springs, quaint mountain towns, perhaps the best long distance hikes on the planet.

There are options to scramble ridges and peaks virtually everywhere.

“You can’t lose in the Rockies.”

… so says frequent contributor Rob Glaser who has hiked here all his life.

rockies.jpgTrails are safe and well managed. The infrastructure excellent. (In fact, it’s hard to imagine there are two regions in the world we rate better.)

The weather and conditions are variable to say the least, but in many parts of the Rockies Aug-Sept are the best months. A very short window! On the other hand, if you ski or board, you’ll never lack for adventure in the Rocky Mountains.

More information on our new Rockies information page.

Our favourite trip in the Canadian Rockies is Sunshine to Assiniboine, our #5 hike in the world.

Anemones and Assiniboine, Alberta, Canada

Our Assiniboine Information page.

Just a short drive away is our favourite trail in the USA Rockies, Glacier North Circle, our #6 hike in the world. One of the best places in the world to see wildlife.

Our North Circle Information page.

Leave a comment if you have your own favourite hike in the Rockies.

One Reply to “#3 best hiking region in the world is the …”

  1. First things first: The goats! That picture so perfectly captures the goat personality…mischievous, curious…good at not falling off mountains 🙂 It inspired me to write a post on my blog, just thought you might like to know! 🙂 And, last but not least: The Rockies! My first backpacking experience ever was in the Rockies at the Great tetons. I have wandered the Bear Tooth mountains in Montana, a 14er in Colorado and was speechless each time. I also read your post about the Sierra Nevadas…So many hikes I haven’t gotten to! I’m inspired, through and through! 🙂

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