how can I blog from the hiking trail?

Circumnavigate the world by bike and boat?

… better them than me.

Simon Evans
and Fearghal O’Nuallain are planning an adventure called Revolution Cycle 2009. Team Geared Up has the details.

But I’m always looking for state of the art technology I might use for updating hiking trip report and blogging from the trail.

Here’s what Revolution Cycle is planning to use:


As the expedition will cover over 25,000km and last for over 14 months, durability is the key requirement for our bikes and equipment. All of the kit used en route will have to be of the highest quality as it will have to function in extreme and varied environments- from the subzero Andean passes to the baking heat of the Libyan desert and everything in between. …

Revolution Cycle – gear page

Too heavy for hiking. Ideally, I’d want to take a photo on something like a satellite camera iPhone — and have it automatically posted on this blog.

Any suggestions? Leave a comment.

5 Replies to “how can I blog from the hiking trail?”

  1. The gear is out there to pretty much do what ever you want to do from the trail. The hard part is keeping batteries charged over extended periods. Solar cells have improved, and are fairly light weight, but don’t always provide the juice you need. Especially on a cloudy day.

    I have a friend who uploaded his dispatches from Denali and Shisha Pangma using a PDA and Sat Phone. Probably the smallest combo for this type of activity, but they still need to be charged.

  2. We took a solar charger on a sunny trip in Peru a couple of years ago. But none of our batteries needed recharged before we finished the 5-day trip.

    I’ll do a LONG hike once I can afford to blog from the wilderness. And be strong enough to carry the gear.

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