the Ipsos-Reid Parks Canada $1000 prize muck-up

If you follow this blog, you know I have no confidence in Parks Canada.

Love the Parks, distrust management.

In fact, I recommend hikers go to the American National Parks instead if they want best value. (And I live next to the Canadian Rockies.)

Yet, I credit Parks Canada for at least making the appearance of listening to the taxpayers who pay their salaries. Ipsos-Reid was hired to do a survey.

angrygif.gifIt’s been a mess. I’ve been in the survey process for months, yet I have no idea when the thing will end. Is Ipsos-Reid simply milking Parks on this? What does this survey cost?

Worst of all, Ipsos-Reid managed to further disgruntle users of the Canadian National Parks when they decided to dangle a $1000 / month prize for those taking part in the survey.

Many who received an invitation to join the survey were confused when trying to log-in to the website.

I could go on-and-on … (Backtrack through earlier posts on this issue if you are interested.)

Finally today I got this email from Ipsos-Reid which clarifies some things. And leaves many other questions unanswered:

Dear Mr. McCharles,

Thank you again for bringing this issue to our attention. There are two separate links: is the official website for individuals who have received an invitation card to join the Parks Listens panel is the login webpage for individuals who have already registered with the Parks Listens panel.

In order to clarify eligibility to participate in the Parks Listens panel and the prize draw contest, we have added more information to both web pages.

If you receive any further communication from visitors who are having technical difficulties on the website, please direct them to our email address and will assist them.


The Parks Listens Panel Team

You cannot join the survey without an invitation. Those you can only get by visiting the Canadian Mountain National Parks and being randomly selected.

3 Replies to “the Ipsos-Reid Parks Canada $1000 prize muck-up”

  1. Hello, We drove from Cranbrook, B.C. to Prince George, via Radium Hotsprings, Lake Louise turn-off, north to Jasper, past Mt. Robson and home.
    It was totally wonderful. What a privilege it is to actually live in this beautiful country. The foreign tourists we met at Jasper were awed, similarily.
    All Park staff we met were friendly and hospitable. Great job.
    J. & K.

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