Rick the nude hiker

Not me.

That would be Rick of the Nudehiker blog.

I once on this site — like many others — made light of the sport of hiking sans clothing. Rick challenged me to try it first before mocking others who enjoy walking in the buff.

Well, Rick …


That’s me. I walked away from my tent one morning in the Sierra Nevada mountains feeling very … breezy.

Though there was almost zero chance of encountering (offending) others I still felt somewhat nervous and did not get comfortable at any time over the (admittedly brief) venture.

Seems to me that most aboriginal cultures cover their genitals, if only for safety.

But I do promise to try it again, Rick, in future. Perhaps, with time, I can get to relax and then enjoy the sensation.

4 Replies to “Rick the nude hiker”

  1. The first people I told about my nude hiking (we were nude in a hot tub) included JM who had in the past tried nude hiking herself.

    Seems nude hiking is a far more frequent an activity than the general public would guess.

  2. It is indeed far more common than expected. Far often in the backcountry, hiking nude is simply more comfortable and enjoyable . . . once you get past the sexual connotations many associate with nudity. Nude is not lewd (we shower nude yet we attach no sexual significance to it).

    However, we’re not crazy. If the weather calls for it, I wear clothes; if I have to cross a patch of Devil’s Club, I protect myself. But nothing beats the sun and breeze on your skin way out there in the great outdoors.

  3. What a wonderful experience–to face those incredible Sierra mountains naked! Yes, I do hope you will try again and learn to relax and enjoy the sensations. I promise you there is a lot of joy in simply being you and being naked out in nature, leaving your overcivilized ideas behind and savoring your kinship with the natural world.
    Those initial inhibitions melt away quite naturally as you allow yourself to become aware of the air on your skin. This is a fine way to taste freedom.

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