Canada’s newest National Park – Torngat Mountains

My mind’s turning increasingly “north” as weather improves here in Canada.

We have such a short hiking season, every day is precious.

thumb_map.gifRogier of alerted me to Torngat in Labrador, Quebec.

Canadian Geographic of May/June 2007 …

The article includes an online in-depth backgrounder. This is definitely a must-visit park, if one can manage the polar bears, who seem to be as thick as rabbits in the park.

I see Labrador as one of Canada’s hottest new destinations
– I’ll have to find a way to get there.

Bluepeak: Travel, tourism and photography » Torngat Mountains National Park

That article describes a kayak tour.

But there is unusual, challenging climbing and hiking, as well. A number of outfitters can arrange a trip there.

The Torngat Mountains are entirely above the Arctic tree-line so there’s nothing to obstruct your views. (Or block the cold wind.)

Rainbow above Cirque Mountain – Hazen Russell, Iapetus Ocean Expeditions (1982)

More photos from that collection.

Torngat Mountains – Wikipedia

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