Wonderland in August?

UPDATE: Mount Rainier National Park is not issuing permits for the entire length of the Wonderland Trail in 2007. Only sections. Check the website: WTA.org

Wonderland Trail, Mt. Ranier, Washington, is one of the best hikes in the world.

However, it’s taken a lot of storm damage over the past winter. Not all trails will be open for 2008, I believe.

ed_529_rainier_broken_bridge.jpgOn the other hand, this adds interest and challenge to an already unbelievable hike.

I would like to do the wonderland trail 9-12 days. preferably have other married woman like myself. husband doesn’t like to hike.

The responder should be a strong hiker. (lot of ground to cover but would be life altering experience.) I plan to do the hike in august 24-sept 2 if you think you can do this e-mail me

sgiglenda @ yahoo.com

Wonderland Trail – besthike information page

bridge photo – Washington Trails Association

2 Replies to “Wonderland in August?”

  1. Mount Rainier National Park is not issueing permits for the entire length of the Wonderland Trail in 2007. The status of permits for 2008 is unknown still. This summer you can hike and get permits for portions of the Wonderland Trail – just won’t be able to do the whole thing start to finish. And still, there will be additional challenges in the way of downed trees, washed out trail tread and missing footlogs.

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