The Gear Junkie gets it right

When columnist Stephen Regenold set out his list of Greatest Gear of 5 Years, he must have known the potential for indignant outcry was great.

Gladly, the Gear Junkie got it right:

#1 The Original Buff

Nothing else I’ve tested over the past five years has stuck with me as much as the Original Buff, a hard-to-categorize headgear piece that’s essentially a tubular hat made of a thin, stretchy, seamless synthetic fabric that hugs your head to wick sweat or keep the sun and wind at bay.

I use Buffs year-round, as headbands in the summer, hats in the spring and fall, and balaclavas during the wintertime. They are lightweight, multi-functional items that have become literally indispensable for me during outings that range from ultra-endurance races to nightly jogs through my neighborhood. (Original Buff, $18.50;


The Gear Junkie – The Daily Dose

The lowly bandana is my #1 piece of gear. But I will get Buff.

I also like his #4 pick, the Granite Gear – Virga Ultralight .

Granite Gear - Virga Ultralight Pack Short

Given to me as a gift, this is my go to pack for cycling and short walks.

For multi-day hikes I use the heavier Granite Gear Nimbus Latitude.

(via Adventure Blog)

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