Tongariro Northern Circuit in 10.5hrs

Craig Stanton from New Zealand is preparing to start the Pacific Crest Trail in April. He’s got a great website — — and looks very organized.

Looks like Craig will be ready for the PCT. He blazed through one of our top 10 hikes.

Yesterday I completed the challenge I was unable to finish last week.

Under perfect skies I hiked, and at some points ran, the Tongariro Northern Circuit in one day.

Less than 10.5 hours actually, and I’m pretty pleased with that because usually it is billed as 3-4 days … (read more)


2 Replies to “Tongariro Northern Circuit in 10.5hrs”

  1. Organised?
    hahaha, I think I’ve spent far too long on the website and not enough in prep. Training has gone well, I like that, but sitting down and reading a book about water sources and re-supply strategies, pffffrt. I’m mostly going to wing it I think.

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