Overland Track, Tasmania – trip report

Rick McCharles

We named Overland one of the top 10 hikes in the world for good reason.

It’s one of the best walking adventures anywhere.

I could not have been more excited to get started when I arrived in Hobart. I immediately purchased the best guidebook (Chapman) and a map.

Transportation to and from the trailheads is provided by Tassielink bus. An early morning departure would get me to the trailhead and started same day.

This is me trying to hitch a ride after being forgotten by the bus driver en route.


Apparently I was the first passenger left behind in 7 years.

Not an auspicious start to the hike.

The bus company rerouted me overnight, arranging a bed at a popular backpacker’s hostel. There my chicken lunch for the next day was stolen from the communal fridge — the first time I have ever had anything taken from hostel or campground.



Next morning another Tassielink bus arrived at 5:30AM.

But this time things went smoothly and I was delivered to the Cradle trailhead without a glitch. The weather was perfect.


First priority was to scramble Cradle Mountain, the most photogenic peak in Tasmania.

I had seen many photos of the Overland Track, but the reality was far, far better. Unique, stunning scenery.

The infamous wet, stormy weather … seems to be a fabrication. Hard to believe it can snow here any day of the year.


One of the best reasons to travel to Australia for hiking is the fantastic, diverse animal life. Friendly wallabies hang out at every hut.


Much of the talk on the trail is deciding which sidetrip peaks to climb. Decisions are based mainly on weather. (No use climbing up into the clouds.)


Hikers have the choice to tent … or stay in loud, crowded, smelly huts. (Bring your earplugs if you decide on the huts.)

Since the weather stayed clear, I tented every night.

And when the weather is good this hike is fairly easy. It even provides the most modern solar composting toilets.


And the Overland Track continues to get more accessible for more hikers as muddy sections are covered with boardwalk.


Certainly the Overland Track is one of the best hikes of my life. If you want to organize a trip there check our Overland information page.

Check flickr to see all photos from this trip annotated in full resolution

2 Replies to “Overland Track, Tasmania – trip report”

  1. On some days I saw 5 or 6!

    It was a heat wave which tends to bring the snakes out on to the path.

    Most were small and looked like friendly garter snakes. A few were 2m long, thick as your arm, and black as death.

    Those were the ones you almost stepped on as they were reluctant to move unless they must.

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