when can I hike Wonderland?

I’ve wanted to hike the Wonderland Trail since first hearing of it from a Washington State friend.

One group took 12 days in 2005 to circumambulate Mt. Ranier 90mi (145km). But they planned for resupply by having a friend walk in to meet them from the opposite direction.

Good idea.

Summerland to Indian Bar was an “incredible scenic route”. And at Indian Bar they saw 3 black bears.

Sadly, terrible flooding in November 2006 wrecked havoc. Hopefully the trail will be passable by summer 2007. But damage had not even been assessed in December.

Check out the trip report and 65 photos from the Wonderland Trail.


Wonderland Trail – besthike information page

One Reply to “when can I hike Wonderland?”

  1. Sadly, most of the Wonderland Trail is gone and needs to be rebuilt . . . unlikely to be done this coming year.

    Good article from the Seattle PI, a short excerpt:

    Wednesday, January 10, 2007

    Mount Rainier National Park officially closed
    Limited access allowed only on weekends

    “Most of the footbridges spanning dozens of stream crossings along the 93-mile-long Wonderland Trail are gone, leaving the world-famous path around Rainier impassible for most hikers, said Steve Klump, the park’s wilderness district ranger.

    The hangover will continue into summer and most likely next year: The park is considering not accepting reservations for hikers wishing to do the entire trail this summer because of the trail’s difficulty.

    Besides the bridges, entire sections of trails have been washed away, leaving steep mud banks that force hikers to go cross-country and search out alternative stream crossings.”



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