moose encounters

From the new Wilderness Trailcraft blog:

… a moose is quite a bit more agile than it looks. When this moose made it up to the log he paused for only a fraction of a second and leaped over it. (And) … they can swim; underwater.


A short time after this trip I was traveling through Yellowstone and I had a chance to talk to a ranger about my experience. She told me that she wasn’t surprised about the moose swimming but she was surprised at how stupid we were. She said the rangers consider the moose to be the most dangerous animal in the woods. Moose are very unpredictable and frequently aggressive.

So there you have it. They weigh close to 1500 lbs, they can run faster than you, they can swim faster, jump over logs and they are aggressive and unpredictable. That’s worthy of being filed away as important knowledge!

A moose can swim underwater

120px-skilt146_01.pngI’ve seen video of moose diving for particularly succulent plants. And I understand that new born calves can swim immediately to escape predators who sometimes wait on pregnant cows.

The real worry about moose, in some parts of the world, are vehicle collisions. This is exactly the wrong animal to hit.

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  1. When I was a little kid living in Alaska, we lived on a military base, and the hospital my grandfather worked at was right on the edge of the wilderness. He talked about the moose that would hop over the fence and stick their noses in the front door of the hospital for the warmth. I imagine that was quite a sight! 🙂

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